Protect Alabama Business

H.B. 352 and S.B. 129 hurt local business owners.

We don’t think that’s right.

Join us and help protect Alabama’s 12,000 franchise small businesses.


H.B. 352 & S.b. 129 are a Recipe For Government Overreach

The Alabama House of Representatives recently introduced H.B. 352, erroneously titled the "Protect Alabama Small Business Act." The Alabama Senate has also introduced a companion bill, S.B. 129. These bills protect bad businesses operating in Alabama and will only make it harder for local, upstanding franchise small business owners to keep their doors open.

An economic analysis by FRANdata shows that if this legislation is enacted, from 2019-2022 427 franchise businesses will not open, 4,500 jobs will not be created, and Alabama will lose $352.2 million in economic activity.

After 14 years, the trend only gets worse: 1,141 franchise businesses will not open, 12,000 jobs will not be created, and Alabama will lose $942.1 million in economic activity - nearly a billion dollars taken from Alabama’s economy.

The last thing Alabama franchise owners need is the government in the middle of their business. If you agree, please click here to learn more and take action.

Our Impact

From generating opportunities in their local communities to employing thousands of Alabamians, locally-owned franchises ensure Main Street can thrive.



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